Friendli Container:
Serve your LLMs with Friendli Engine
in your private environment


Supercharge your LLM compute with
Friendli Container’s accelerated inference solutions

Friendli Container simplifies the process of containerizing your generative model for efficient serving.
Our engine ensures better user experiences while cutting down on inference costs.
With Friendli Container, you can perform high-speed LLM inferencing in a secure and private environment.

Full control of your data

Maximum privacy and security

Integration with internal systems

Save on huge GPU costs


Generative AI models with Container

The current version of Friendli Containers supports all major generative language models, including Llama 2, Falcon, MPT, and Dolly.

Tell us which generative AI models you would like us to add:

Generative AI models with Container

Company A

LLM-powered chatbot company cuts GPU costs by more than 50% instantly.


Processing ~0.5 trillion tokens per month incurs high H100 GPU costs.


Uses Friendli Container for LLM serving.


Cuts costs by more than 50% instantly.

Lee Luda 2.0 blooms with Friendli Container


The generative model is expensive to run.


Use Friendli Container for Lee Luda 2.0.


Cuts costs by 50%.

How to use Friendli Container

Friendli Container Graphic

Friendli Containers enable you to effortlessly deploy your generative AI model on your own machine.

Visit our documentation to learn how to start running a Friendli Container.

Frequently asked questions

How does the pricing for Friendli Container work?

Friendli Container offers a flexible pricing structure. Please contact us at for a custom quote. You can also try the four-week free trial to experience the full capabilities of Friendli Container. Serve your LLM model in your development environment without any charges.

Can I use Friendli Container for enterprise purposes?

Yes, Friendli Container offers an Enterprise version tailored to the needs of larger organizations. To access the Enterprise version and discuss pricing options, please contact our sales team at

Is my data secure when using Friendli Container?

Yes, ensuring the security and privacy of your data is our top priority. Friendli Container allows you to serve your LLM in a secure and private environment, safeguarding your sensitive information throughout the process. We adhere to industry-standard security protocols and continuously update our platform to address any potential vulnerabilities.

How much performance gain should I expect using Friendli Container?

Our engine provides 10x faster token generation and 5x faster initial response time compared to vLLM. The actual performance may change depending on your GPU, LLM model, and traffic. Please contact to get help measuring your performance gain in your environment.

Experience superior inference performance
for all kinds of LLMs with Friendli Engine.

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Friendli DNN library

Optimized GPU kernels for generative AI

Iteration batching (aka continuous batching)

We invented this technique and have further innovated it.

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Friendli TCache

Intelligently reuse computatioanal results

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Native quantization support

Efficient serving without sacrificing accuracy

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Multi-LoRA serving on a single GPU

Serve multiple LoRA models on a single GPU

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Supports a wide range of generaitve AI models

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Other ways to run generative AI
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