Dedicated Endpoints
Build and run LLMs/LMMs on autopilot

Autopilot LLM endpoints for production

Autopilot LLM endpoints for production
Easily create inference endpoints that are performant, scalable, and cost-effective

“Working with FriendliAI, we created a
convenient and dependable service
without the need for self-management”

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Superior cost-efficiency and performance with Friendli Engine
Train and serve custom models
Efficient and cost-effective serving with autoscaling
Dedicated GPU resource management

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We are excited to announce that FriendliAI, has been officially recognized as an Amazon Web Services (AWS) Partner.
Now you can find Friendli Dedicated Endpoints on AWS marketplace and making LLM building and serving seamless and efficient.

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Superior cost-efficiency
and performance

Having a performant LLM serving solution is the first step to operate your AI application in the cloud.

10x+ faster
token generation
5x+ faster
initial response time
Run Friendli Engine on the cloud to reduce LLM serving cost up to 80%.
Our engine achieves 6 times higher throughput. Serve more traffic on less GPUs with Friendli Engine.
Our engine generates tokens 10 times faster guaranteeing unmatched efficiency and performance in your generative AI operations.

Custom model support

Custom model support Images

We offer comprehensive support for both open-source and custom LLMs, allowing organizations to deploy models tailored to their unique requirements and domain-specific challenges.With the flexibility to integrate proprietary datasets, businesses can unlock new opportunities for innovation and differentiation in their AI-driven applications.Create a new endpoint with your private Hugging Face Model Hub repository or upload your model directly to Dedicated Endpoints.

Dedicated GPU Resource Management

Dedicated GPU Resource Management Images

FriendliAI Dedicated Endpoints provides dedicated GPU instances ensuring consistent access to computing resources without contention or performance fluctuations.By eliminating resource sharing, organizations can rely on predictable performance levels for their LLM inference tasks, enhancing productivity and reliability.

Auto-Scale your resources on cloud

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When deploying generative AI on cloud, it is important to scale as your business grows.Friendli Dedicated Endpoints employs intelligent auto-scaling mechanisms that dynamically adjust computing resources based on real-time demand and workload patterns.



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